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It's like in the Great Stories, Mr Frodo.

-The one's that really matter-

25 July
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Well I'm never sure what to put in Bio's on these sites - no matter how many places I have an account, I never want to sit and write a paragraph about myself. it just feels awkward, if Im honest. Plain old awkward.

But I guess it's important that people here know what Im going to be on about. Though, I warn you, my own blog can be a rather esolate place. I spend most of my time on comms, and find that my blog suffers for it. I intend to post more stuff here, but I just havent gotten around to it yet...

My main fandoms are:
Stargate! Mostly of the SG1 and SGA form, but I have seen SGU. I ship McShep and am a HUGE fan of whump. Yum.
Avengers! Though, sadly, I'm only savvy on the movie-verse. I love all of the individual films and am veeery excited for the film!!
Star trek! Once again, Im only really aware of the 2009 reboot. I have seen quite a bit of TOS, my real expertise lies in the reboot canon and fanon. My big ship is McKirk, here (what? I evidently like McShips, okay! xD) but I'm a huge multishipper so Spirk ships - and all the others - will find no hate from me!

My other fandoms are:

  • Good Omens

  • Supernatural

  • Castle

  • The mentalist

  • White Collar

  • Suits

  • Sherlock

  • Fairly Legal

  • Jim Butcher's "The Dresden Files" (its a book series, look it up, its amazing!

  • Anything disney!